MeOrg!: version 1.1.0 now available!

Good news everyone,

HP published my latest update for MeOrg!, version 1.1.0.

First of all I added printing-support for the touchpad version. The design of the output was made by my css-guru michote. Thanks a lot for that! I also have to give another big thanks, this time to Kratus. He translated MeOrg! to french language.

Finally I did a few things by myself. ;) I did some major performance tweaks. This version reacts much smoother and quicker than the last versions. Feedback is really much appreciated, as well as for every other part of the app.

Here is the complete changelog:

- added (TP only): print-support!
- added: french language support by Kratus!
- added: did some major performance optimizations!
- added: ability to logout from springpad via preferences
- changed: attached images are now opened in MeOrg! directly
- bugfix: no more empty object-list after enabling image download in preferences and following sync
- bugfix: no more error messages and empty object-lists when syncing without having an notebook beside “all my stuff”
- bugfix: no more broken links in details-view
- and some other bugfixes

Hope you like the new version!

Best regards,
Sven Ziegler

3 Responses to MeOrg!: version 1.1.0 now available!

  1. I purchased MeOrg! yesterday and tried to sync my springpad info to it. I have quite a bit of stuff saved to my springpad (nearly 1000 springs and plenty of those have attachments) and it gives me the warning that it might take awhile… but that’s as far as it goes. I’ve left it on over night and came back to it in the morning and the status bar hasn’t filled at all.

    Does my screen need to be on for it to download my data? I want to use and love this app but I can’t get in! Help! Thanks.

  2. Das gleiche Problem habe ich auch. De- und Neuinstallation brachten auch nichts.


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