ReadOnTouch PRO: New version 1.3.0 available

Hi everyone,

HP already submitted my new update to ReadOnTouch PRO. I’ve put together some user-requested features and bugfixes. Here is the official changelog:

- added: scrollbar to article-view (TP only!)
- added: remember last read article (TP only!)
- added: rotation-lock (Pre3 only!)
- added: automatically re-download empty articles with less optimizations
- added: share via mail, messaging and copy-content is now available during offline usage
- added: new help-dialog
- added: sort order is now stored
- bugfix: sort order is now correctly set after marking article read / unread
- bugfix: swiping article to toggle read state will no more close the currently read article
- bugfix: filter stays now active after toggling read state of an article
- bugfix: toggle read state of article in webview now stops audio and video playback

Best regards,
Sven Ziegler

4 Responses to ReadOnTouch PRO: New version 1.3.0 available

  1. Hi Sven,

    I’m a bit surprised :-) on the solution you’ve implemented for the + sign in password, I mean the msgbox informing the non supporting #+ characters for external RIL clients. Correct me if I’m wrong but Relego is an external RIL client and I’m able to connect with Relego even if the password contains a + sign. So…

    Best regards,


    • Hi Emmanuel,

      to be honest: I’ve already spent whole evenings in analyzing the encoding-problems (the first time with the ‘#’ sign) and neither I was able to solve it nor the developers from RIL could help me. So I think there must be something different in enyo than in mojo (that’s the framework Relego relies on), but I don’t know what it is and I’m not willing to spend more hours just for finding the difference in the encodingURI method.

      Is Relego open source? If so, I could try to find the source and have a look at what he does differently.

      Best regards,
      Sven Ziegler

  2. It is open source, it was coded during a webOSroundup hackathon. Here’s the Github repo :


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