ReadOnTouch PRO: Browser Patch for Pre3 available

Hi everyone,

one of my beta-tester for ReadOnTouch, Marcel Meissel, enhanced the existing Pre3 Browser Patch: “Super Sharing Mix” to be able to share items directly to ReadOnTouch PRO. I’m using it for some days and I wonder how I could live without it before? :-)

Unfortunately the PreWare guys seems to have a problem with the patch regarding the availability. It is submitted for webOS 2.2.0+. We can actualy see the patch for 2.2.0 in the feeds, but only via web and not on our devices. For webOS 2.2.3 (or what is the version in the U.S.?) the patch is available in PreWare for a few days… So grab it now!

For my european customers, you can grab it directly from PreWares web-feed:

Updated 2011-12-05: The patch is now available for 2.2.x in PreWare!

And for those of you who are not familar with Marcel, he is the developer of the famous “SWR3-Elchradio” and many other amazing apps! Just visit his (not so up2date website) at or follow him on Twitter: !

Best regards,

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